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The NEW album!


released June 14, 2019


all rights reserved



Executive Disorder Peru, New York

666% Red Blooded, All 'Murican Constitution Core.

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Track Name: Sherman's March to the Sea
March, Burn, Kill, Death
Track Name: Unconditional Surrender
Overland Campaign
Eighteen Sixty-four
Legions of Death,
Dogs of War

U.S. Grant
Crushed the Rebel Yell
Sending both bue and Grey souls
Straight to HELL

Army of the Potomac
Legion of Death
From Spotsylvania on to the

Many Lay Dead
Lying there Cold and Still
Just send more and more men to the front
To be Killed

Unconditional Surrender

Follow our Foe
To the Death

The Butcher will end
This bloody, ugly Mess
Track Name: Whiskey Rebellion
Summer ninety-four, Western Frontier
Protest over tax, Conflict draws near

Levy on whiskey, save the nation’s debt
Belligerent farmers, Federal threat

Nation in crisis, government on trial
Washington went west to kick-ass Shaolin-style

Five finger Death punch, from his fist of rage
Crush the insurrection, the Nation has been saved!

It’s your right!

Strong Mantis Style, Kicks to the face
Like a crouching tiger, opponents are erased

Nunchuck spinning frenzy, I cannot tell a lie
Entering the Dragon, Someone’s gonna die

Wooden teeth clenching, roundhouse to the head
American Shogun, another sucka dead

Kick-ass founding father, watch the blood spray
Crush the insurrection, the Nation has been saved
Track Name: Redneckistan
Welcome to Redneckistan, Got your Mossy Oak Camo, Man?
Lynch ‘em all, hey that’s a plan. Weeding out the thinking man

Welcome to Redneckistan, Stars and Bars fly across the land
Just conservative Christians, Muslims and Gays have been banned

Welcome to Redneckistan, Build a wall on the Rio Grande
Just Country Music Fans. Governed by the Klu Klux Klan

Welcome to Redneckistan, Ethnic cleansing is at hand
White Power is what they demand. The American Taliban

Open carry, it’s your right, you got that privilege if you’re white

Mega-Church, the SEC, It’s your Wal-Mart Destiny

Protect a fetus, blame the poor. You know you lost that Civil War

Worshiping General Lee, You’re Just a third world country

You think you’re gonna rise again?
Fight for your lost cause?
You’re just a bunch of ignorant racist bastards.
Track Name: I Need a Gun
Yeah I think I need a gun
Yeah I think it would be fun
Yeah I know it might be wrong
But I know it makes me strong

Yeah I think it would be cool
Maybe I’ll shoot up a school
I need a gun it’s my right
I need a gun to keep it White

I need one to keep Jesus here
I need one to enforce the fear
What if those Muslims attack?
How else will we fight them back?

I need a gun you understand?
Pry it from my cold dead hands
How many can be killed today?
Sponsored by the NRA!
Track Name: Elephant in the Room
Respect the Flag
You Better Pray
Don’t speak out
Don’t be gay

Support the troops
Or be shamed
No lives matter
In this game

Trickle down
The One-Percent
Are these your values
They represent?

Leading us
To certain doom
There’s an elephant
In the room

There’s an elephant
In the frikkin’ room!
Track Name: Amendment XIX
Hear the sirens call
Valkyries will brawl
Old guard’s gonna fall

Chicks Gotta Vote!

From Seneca Falls they fight
Nineteen is their right
Uterus’ Unite!

Chicks Gotta Vote!

With their two Xs, they’ll get you elected
For reproductive rights, Sisters show your Might!
Breaking glass ceilings, misogynists reeling
Suffragettes ride tonight, and FIGHT!

Not just baby making
They’ll bring home the bacon
Politics are shaken

Chicks Gotta Vote

Not just here to breed
Give them what they need
Empower the Ovaries

Chicks Gotta Vote
Track Name: Onward! To Vinland
Longboats Loaded and we’re headed west
Swords in Rock, Downy fur on chest

Viking warriors won’t be denied
On to Vinland we will pulverize!

Savage Greeting in the Horror Land
Viking Warriors are over ran

Back to Norge with heavy Sighs
Viking Warriors have been denied

Track Name: Oh, Carrie
Heading home from the bar, didn’t make it very far
You see the flash of the knife
Spinning in your head, you should be in your bed
Now you’re running for your life
Butchered for your Beer, She made it very clear
That this will be the end
With a swing of the blade, your life begins to fade
You got an axe in your head!

Carrie was no saint, showing no restraint
When it came to being dry
With an axe in her hand, she’ll slash across the land
With blood-lust in her eye
If you take a drop, She will start to chop
You’ll pay for your sin
Leading the trend, the violence will not end
‘Til the temperance begins!

Pelting you with rocks, you’re on the chopping block
All Hell will howl
Roaring like a lion, Heaven’s angry siren
WIth a Harpy’s evil growl
Punished for the sauce, WIth god as her boss
She won’t be denied
With a wry smirk, She’ll do the Lord’s work
It’s alcoholicide!
Track Name: Lockdown
Violence Culture
Breeding Butchers
Was Voted the Prom Queen!

Must arm those teachers
Nee fear-ridden creatures
Death is our fate
Playground Police State

Classroom of Fear
Monsters lurk near
Childhood Undone
Terror of the Gun
Track Name: Pig War
June Fifty-Nine
Pig in my yard
Shot him in the head
Made him fall hard

Two nations fight
Over that swine
Goin’ to war
For a ten dollar fine

I shot that pig
It ate my taters
Still fighting the war
Twelve years later

No shots fired
No one harmed
Except for the pig
Who bought the farm
Track Name: Slick Willie
Hey, Miss USA… Lookin’ good!
Ride my policy… You know you should!
Your economy… has come undone
Just lay back… and let me come

With my plan… we’ll go far
Soon you be… lighting up my cigar
I know you like to watch… my GDP rise
‘Scuze me… while I snatch my prize

C’mon over… my little peach
‘Round your globe… I’ll reach
No way this bubble’s… goin down
Did I just… Stain that gown?
Track Name: 1000 Points of Fight
Read My Lips
Free Kuwait

Desert Shield
Oil Land
New World Order
In the Sand

Desert Storm
It’s Ninety-One
Four Thousand
Bombing Runs

Patriot Missles
Rip the Sky
100 Day War
They’re Gonna Die

Bulldozer assault
Without Rest
Scud Busters
On the Highway of Death

Vision thinking gonna trade blood for oil
No new taxes levied upon our soil
C’mon you grunts, go home and grab your gun
It’s a video game war, man, it’s gonna be frikkin’ Fun!
Track Name: Forever War
Patriots, sign up today
You’ll get a gun, you’ll get paid
Go out and Kill. Go out and die
For god and country you will comply

War on reason, War on Crime
We love war… all the time
War on women, war on the pope
We need war… it gives us hope
War on terror, war on the poor
You need a fight… we got a war!

The flag compels you to obey
Industrial Military rules the day
Glorious is violence, war and strife
Be a Hero… sacrifice your life!

War on children, War for hate
We love war… aint war great
War on drugs, war from the fed
We need war… let’s kill ‘em dead
War on unions, you know the score
You need a fight… we got a war!

War on thinking, war on fun
We need war… to git ‘er done
War on teachers, war on gays
We love war… we hope it stays
War on friendship, war on whores
You need a fight… we got a war

Corporate Power funds the cause
Follow orders, give no pause
Patriarchy Ramps up the fight
Our world order… ‘Murican Might

War on truth, war on news
We need war… to light our fuse
War on workers, war on moms
We need war… to keep us caln
War on you, war on me
We need war to keep us free!

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